1. desember

Første desember, og tid for advent. Ønsker alle ein fin dag, og legg ved ein song som er kjekk å nynne på i dag.


There is juløl in the tynnj
Then the fæst will soon begynnj
Put some juløl in your cup
When it’s drokke fyll it up

I can hopp – I can run
And it’s very, very fun
Klask your lår – klask your støvel
I can hop – I can run
And it’s very fun
Glæm the trouble – drink a double

This is a song I like to hør
This is music for my ør
Dance a little støveldance
Dance it while you have the chance

I can hopp – I can run…

One and two and three and fir
Go and swing your nissepi
Five and six and sju and ått
That is good for a nisseknott

I can hopp – I can run…

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